Wireless transmitter WCT-02h

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Emetteur ou Récepteur 2E/S 868 Mhz portée 3 Km 12v confirmation de commande

Module de relais sans fil  – télécommande radio avec un récepteur exécutif et des ports d’E/S dans un seul appareil. Il permet le contrôle à distance dans un rayon de 3km et le contrôle via un clavier PTZ avec PELCO-P.

WCT-02 est un émetteurrécepteur bidirectionnel   fonctionnant dans la bande 868-869 MHz, permettant le contrôle radio à distance de nombreux appareils utilisant le protocole PELCO (RS485), fonctionnant dans une installation d’automatisation industrielle dans un rayon de 3 km .

The WCT-02 wireless transmitter containing the relay module is a device for fast wireless telemetry data transmission and control. It can work as a two-way radio modem but also as an industrial, dual input “remote control” and a relay receiver. Designed to create secure, wireless control networks. By using re-transmitters or optional antennas, it covers extensive areas within a radius of up to 8km. The WCT-02 radio controller is equipped with two input/output ports, that enable the control of various processes in the sectors of industrial automation, access control, CCTV security, and object security.

The WCT-02 radio modem has many additional functions, among others order confirmation function. The user can get not only confirmation of sending the control command, but also information about the actual activation/deactivation of the controlled device.

Most of the functions can be controlled directly from any PTZ camera driver or DVR/NVR recorder with the PELCO protocol, which significantly facilitates remote control of many devices within a radius of several kilometers from the monitoring center.

The relay outputs in the WCT-02 device can be turned on/off using the PTZ keyboard (or recorder) with the PELCO-D/P protocol. The device is then visible as a PTZ camera with a given ID address. Using the buttons responsible for zooming in/out, the A and B outputs in the WCT-02 module are respectively turned on.

We can expand the existing speed dome camera control system with the ability to control the relay outputs (e.g. lighting control, gates, gates, IR illuminators, sirens, alarms, control panels).

One radio transmitter that works as both a transmitter and receiver, without having to purchase transmitters and receivers separately. Each relay module can be a controller (with two potential-free inputs) and an executive/relay module (with two NO/NC relays).

The flexibility of the entire I/O system greatly facilitates the implementation and expansion of any installation.

Each WCT-02 radio module allows work on 256 addresses, which means that the possibilities of controlling a large number of devices are enormous.

You do not need any program or computer. All settings are made using proven and transparent DIP switches, which guarantees safe operation and easy configuration.

WCT-02 is a wireless transmitter/receiver for remote control of relay outputs. Thanks to WCT-02, it is possible to automate many industrial processes in the field of remote on/off of devices for sending limit switch states, control signals, resetting or receiving telemetry data from various sensors or outputs. It works remotely, over a distance of up to 3 km.

The user, using the WCT-02 radio transmitter connected to the Pelco-D control keyboard, remotely controls the lighting located at a considerable distance from the radio transmitter. The receiving module turns on the lighting (on the pitch and parking lot) and sends confirmation of the order. The transmitting module informs the user via indicators or relay output that the lighting has really been switched on. This function always guarantees the safety of correct transmission and the certainty of order execution.

The use of the encryption function makes the WCT-02 radio system as well as the devices connected to it safe. Encrypted data is practically useless to third parties, even after capture.

La visibilité optique des antennes n’est pas nécessaire – avec une puissance de transmission élevée (presque 0,5 W) et une basse fréquence, le signal pénètre facilement les obstacles.

Le mode de fonctionnement optimal des relais peut être sélectionné, en fonction de la méthode de contrôle et de l’appareil contrôlé. Le contrôleur radio peut fonctionner en modes astable et bistable.

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