Advanced MTT Tournament Strategy When Playing Poker

MTT Tournament Strategy

Advanced MTT Tournament Strategy When Playing Poker – MTT poker tournaments are a type of poker tournament where multiple poker tables will be played at once. All players start with the same conditions and each player must register within a predetermined time limit to participate in one of the tables. The main attraction of this competition is that it is possible to play several cards simultaneously, then diversify the strategy.

Strategy based on Stack Size

Big Stack

Your goal with a big stack is to bully the weaker stacks by putting pressure on them. Don’t be careless, as a more patient strategy will help maintain your sizable stack. But you can definitely open with a wider range, 3-bet more often, and keep your cards much more often.

Average Stack

If you have around 20–50 high value cards you have a medium sized deck. The main goal here is to identify weaker players to choose from and try to steal small blinds and pots. Collecting more chips is the key to success in later events. Don’t take unnecessary risks, but don’t sit back and wait for aces either.

Short Stack

By the time you have made your way to about 20 big cards or lower you will soon find yourself short stacked. With no wiggle room, you’ll be forced to push with a half-decent card. It’s actually fun, because there’s less pressure and no complicated decision making. Pick your spot and expect to double.

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What Are The Advanced MTT Tournament Strategies When Playing Poker?

Independent Chip Model

The main concept to understand in this one poker tournament is the Independent Chip Model (ICM.) This complex calculation will quickly tell you what you can expect to win at any point during the MTT. It considers your chip stack in relation to other factors. Including your opponent’s stack, payout structure, and total prize pool.

Understanding ICM will of course help you to make much better decisions at certain points in the game, like getting too close to a pile of money, for example. There are many math calculators that can be found online to crunch numbers as you study.

Different MTT Formats


The most common offline and online poker tournament settings in play are freezes. This player can only buy into the event once and everyone starts with the same stack. If you lose all the chips you have then you stop playing. The blind structure is configured to allow for a very decent amount of play.

You can’t win the tournament in the first few levels, but you will definitely lose. When the buy-ins are small, player numbers can grow by the thousands, resulting in large prize pools. You must gain experience navigating large fields to be successful.

Buy Back

The main feature of MTT tournaments is that you can buy another chip if you get knocked out. Some tournaments allow multiple re-entries, while others only allow a fixed number of rounds. Either way, the buyback period will close, moving into a freeze. If you have unlimited rebuys you should be more willing to gamble in the early stages. The goal is to build as large a stack as possible before entering the freeze phase.