• DS-PRI120 Radar 120° POE IP67IK09 PET 20kg


    Security Radar
    Detection angle: 120°
    Detection range: 120m
    Line crossing(Max. 4 trigger lines) and Zone alarm(Max. 16 Zones)
    Selectable frequency band
    Links up to 4 speed domes for auto target-tracking and the speed domes can be mounted separately
    Links multiple network cameras for alarm capturing via iVMS-4200
    Function of radar-speed dome linkage: smooth stream*, mandatory switch of speed dome tracking target , parking action and field of view display for each speed dome
    Multiple radars can link to one speed dome
    Up to 4 targets can be tracked by 4 speed domes respectively
    User interface optimization: visible zone drawing path, movable zone, addible zone polygon vertex, alterable zone shape
    movable trigger line(whole line or one endpoint), editable trigger line length, and configurable trigger line direction
    Capable to detect ultra-slow movements, squatting movements or creeping
    Displays the distance, direction, and position of the detected object on the client software
    Selectable applications including open mode, shrub mode, and custom mode (with adjustable sensitivity)
    24/7 all-weather working properly
    Exception alarm: communication failure alarm, movement alarm, tampering alarm, anti-masking detection alarm
    Dual-color indicator displays radar status
    Supports standard PoE and 12 VDC


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