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CauriMart Digitalises Trade in Africa

Because they allow you to capitalize on a strong brand, a qualified audience or a business expertise to federate the offers of third-party sellers on a single platform; because they make it possible to share online investment costs by sellers, to reduce spatial constraints, and even to cancel them, to make markets more comfortable and transparent for consumers; the Marketplace is the answer to today’s and tomorrow’s e- commerce challenges.
By directly connecting sellers and customers, Marketplace responds perfectly to the DNA of the Internet : create value by shortening channels. By eliminating many of the constraints of today’s ecommerce, the Marketplace guarantees substantial gains to all parties (operator, seller, buyer or consumer).
CauriMart, is the MarketPlace created by Caurisoftech India Pte LTD, to support African countries in their digitization efforts. The Cameroonian company INVEST LOGISTIC Sarl ensures the deployment for Cameroon of the implementation in Cameroon and in Central Africa through a franchise network that it will create in these countries (Chad, Gabon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic) .
CauriMart’s ambition is to develop and implement a very flexible B2B2C Marketplace, adapted to African markets, and which in addition offers the largest functionalities of Marketplace in the world.

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CauriMart offers opportunities to create turnkey online stores with wholesale solutions for retailers and resellers.

For the wholesale trade, merchants need a simplified sales channel offering a self-service B2B commerce experience. With the CauriMart + wholesale channel, you can automatically generate a password-protected storefront without expensive and time-consuming development. List with one click the specific products for your business, leverage your existing brand and resources, and set personalized prices that only your wholesale buyers will see.

CauriMart is a consumer B2B e-commerce platform (B2B2C)

The general public is also invited to create, test or buy new products in stand-alone online stores. Open new revenue channels for existing products. Expand the distribution down the market. You can also launch content-rich online experiences to create momentum and integrate the CauriMart purchase button to make your business purchases easier. You can follow a particular shop so you do not miss any opportunity.

CauriMart, a Mutualized Marketplace

Thanks to its extensive referral program, CauriHolding, CauriMart users will be able to participate in the distribution of the generated income.

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